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Contemplating divorce from your spouse can be a difficult decision. However, a divorce without children is usually easier than a divorce with children  for many reasons. More often than not, a divorce without kids does not take as long to settle as a divorce with kids since there are significantly fewer matters to resolve. 

We The People provides honest personal divorce services you can trust. 

Legal divorce documents preparation of all the paperwork with the appropriate court, beginning with Summons With Notice. Once that document get filed with the court, the defendant must sign or be served. Then, the final documents are prepared and signed only by the plaintiff.

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Learn more how We the People can also provide personalized help with legal separations or divorce with children.

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The decision to move forward with a divorce is not an easy one and requires several steps and a handful of papers to sign. The legal documentation preparers at We the People of NY can assist you in filling out all the necessary divorce paperwork in order to lessen the burden of an already stressful situation.

When you divorce from your spouse, all legal relationships will end, except if there’s anything written in a divorce judgment/separation agreement. There are several things that can be addressed in a written separation agreement such as:​​

  • Spousal support

  • Division of property

  • Payment of debts

We the People of NY help our clients with Uncontested Divorces as well as No-Fault Divorces. Our divorce documents are usually prepared within 2/3 business days. We do not give you an instruction sheet (as do many of our competitors) but we walk you through the entire process.

Personal Service You Can Trust​​

First Steps in Legal Divorce Document Preparation

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Types of divorce include:

  • Contested Divorce – A contested divorce occurs when both parties fail to reach an agreement on their own or with a mediator. This type of divorce takes the longest to finalize.

  • Uncontested Divorce – This happens when both spouses come to an agreement in regards to dividing assets, child support, child custody, ect. When this is presented to the court, it’s typically always approved.

  • Collaborative Divorce – A collaborative divorce happens when both spouses agree not to go to court from the beginning of the divorce proceedings. Instead, the parties involved will go through a series of meetings known as joint session

  • At-Fault – In order to obtain an at-fault divorce, one spouse needs to prove the other spouse of adultery, abandonment, inhumane treatment, ect.

  • No-Fault Divorce – This type of divorce allows a couple to split without having to place blame on the other spouse. It’s less costly than a contested divorce making it a desirable choice for those looking to end their union.

We not only prepare divorce documents to the highest court standards, but we also walk with you through the process.