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Phone:  (212) 633-2200  |  Address: 233 W. 14th St.  NY, NY 10011

(212) 633-2200

Frequently Asked Questions

Personal Service You Can Trust​​


What is We The People of NY?

We are legal document preparers that can prepare all your legal documents and walk you through the process for Divorce, Bankruptcy, Wills, Incorporation/LLC’s, Deeds and many other uncontested legal matters. We do not give you instruction sheet for you to figure out what to do. We are always available to answer your questions. You make the decisions, we do the paperwork.

While we are not attorneys and cannot give legal advice, we do have a consulting attorney who can answer your general legal questions for free..

We have been at our conveniently located street level storefront location for over 13 years. You can come in anytime without an appointment for free information with no obligation. As most of our new customers are referred to us by our satisfied customers, we are proud to say that We The People provides accurate, affordable and honest personal service you can trust.

Why should we use We The People rather than LegalZoom or some other on line or paralegal service?

Again, we provide honest personal face to face service.  There are no hidden charges.  We don’t quote you a low price and then have add-ons that you are told you need as you go through the process.  We don’t sell your information for marketing purposes.  We answer our phones, we don’t disappear, we are here for you.  We are locally owned and operated.


Can you help me if I have gotten the uncontested divorce forms on line and got confused about what to do next after I filed the first documents?

We generally like to do all the divorce paperwork ourselves rather than try to undo mistakes that might have been made by others.  That said, you may bring whatever documents you have to our office and we can let you know if we can help.

Do I need my spouse’s signature and what if I don’t know where he/she is?

Despite what some other’s advertise that they can do a divorce without the spouse signing, that is only partially true. If the spouse will not sign, they must be served with the divorce paperwork. 

If you do not know where your spouse is, there are a number of options. You could try to find them yourself. We work with a few Private Investigators who can try to find them for you. Also, we can do what is called “Divorce by Publication” but that is a more expensive process and takes a longer time to complete.

How long does the process take for an uncontested divorce?

Our documents are prepared very quickly, usually within a few business days.  For the divorce process, once all the parties have signed (or been served if necessary), the documents are submitted to the court for a judge to sign.  That generally can take anywhere from 2-5 months, depending on the court’s volume of cases.  If someone promises you a faster divorce, get them to guaranty that in writing with your money back if it doesn’t happen! 


Can you help with the legal document preparation for Bankruptcy if I live in New Jersey or Long Island?

Yes, we can prepare your Chapter 7 Bankruptcy petition if you live anywhere in New York State or New Jersey.

How do I know if I qualify for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy and what is it based on?

In order to be eligible for filing bankruptcy under Chapter 7, you must earn less than the Median Family Income for your family size or pass what is called the “Means Test.” We can provide you with that chart in our office or you can go on line to and check. (We are not able to assist you if you need help on how to file bankruptcy under Chapter 11 or Chapter 13.)


Can you notarize and provide witnesses for my will signing?

Yes, we have a notary and witnesses available at no charge if you cannot bring your own witnesses to the will signing at our office. However, we can only notarize wills that have been prepared by We The People.

How can I change a beneficiary or the executor of my will?

We The People can prepare an amendment, also known as a codicil, to your will to make minor changes. We also could prepare a whole new will if there are more extensive changes or if you just prefer an entirely new will. You should never write anything on your original will document as that could bring the validity of the will into question.

Where should I keep my will after it is signed?

Generally, you should keep your will in a safe place in your home where you keep your other important papers. Your executor should know where to find your will upon your death. It is not advisable to put your will in a safe deposit box as that will be sealed by the bank upon your death, thus making it unavailable to your executor.

Why shouldn’t I just download an on-line will that is cheaper than your services?

We have seen many people come in to our office with wills that they have done on line.  Each state has their own laws and rules about what must be in a will and how it must be executed. Many of those that we have seen are generic and not state specific even if they are advertised as such.  With such an important document, it is critical that it be done properly.


How fast can you prepare the paperwork on how to form a corporation or form an LLC?

Our paperwork for forming either a corporation or an LLC is generally done within 1-2 business days.  You would then sign it and we fax it to the Department of State.  The state takes anywhere from 1-4 weeks to approve the incorporation.  If you are in a rush, you could pay the state a $25 fee to expedite the approval and they will then do it within 24 hours.

Why should we use We The People rather than an on-line service such as LegalZoom?

Despite advertising lower prices, we know that we are less expensive than most of the on line services for the services that we provide.  Others charge additional fees for things that we include in our price.  We have seen that others also charge additional fees for things that are not necessary (even though they say they are).   We also know that many on-line providers sell your information for marketing purposes.  We The People of NY is locally owned and operated and is proud to provide honest, personal service you can trust.