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No, we are not attorneys. We are generally considered what is referred to in the industry as Legal Document Assistants or Legal Document Preparers.  The profession of Legal Document Assistant or Legal Document Preparer is not a licensed or recognized profession in New York State.  However, in some states, like California and Colorado, being a Legal Document Assistant IS a licensed profession.  We provide computerized documents at your direction using information supplied by you - you make all the decisions and you remain in charge throughout the entire process.  We're just here to help with the paperwork.  We are not able to give legal advice.

We are not attorneys and are therefore barred from providing legal advice.  We do have a resource attorney who is available to speak to for FREE. She can only answer general legal questions and cannot give advice as to what might be best for you. We also may be able to refer you to a competent local attorney that can answer your questions. You can always consult with an attorney of your choice.

We the People's Legal Document Assistants prepare standard, computerized court forms at your direction, using information supplied by you.  You have a Constitutional right to represent yourself in any legal matter, and our services are designed to help you effectively and inexpensively represent yourself.   There is much misinformation and disinformation disseminated regarding your right to represent yourself in any legal action, and some of that misinformation is unfortunately perpetuated by attorneys and even public court system employees.  Do not let anyone, including public court system personnel, discourage you from representing yourself in court if that is what you truly want to do.  If you wish to do more research on the subject of representing yourself, you might start by Googling the terms "pro se", or use legal resources like the NOLO series of do-it-yourself books and publications.

Absolutely!  Not only do we stringently adhere to all New York State and Federal laws regarding equal accessibility of our services to any member of a protected class, but we believe all Americans deserve equal access to legal and court documents, including those involving marriage and divorce. We offer a friendly and welcoming atmosphere in our office for members of the LGBT community.