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A Health Care Proxy designates someone you trust to make health and medical decisions for you when you are not able to do so on your own. It should be someone you trust (family member or friend) who will follow you wishes as to what treatment you may want or not want. For example, if and whether and under what conditions you want life sustaining treatments such as artificial nutrition and hydration.  You should communicate this in advance to your Proxy but also may write that down.

This document is important to have whether you are young, old, in good health or poor health. Your Health Care Proxy will be able to guide your medical care if you should become unable to make those decisions due being incapacitated due to a sudden illness, accident or are only under temporary anesthesia. Once you recover your ability to make your own medical decisions, your Health Care Proxy will no longer be authorized to make those decisions.

In New York, a Health Care Proxy should be signed in front of 2 witnesses. No notary is required for this. We The People can prepare this document for you in accordance with New York State guidelines.