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File for Legal Separation

Legal Separation


New York Legal Separation Paperwork &

Document Preparation​

Legal Separations are for couples who wish to no longer live together but do not wish to get divorced yet. A Legal Separation is different from a divorce in that you cannot marry someone if you are legally separated and not divorced. 

Before No-Fault Divorce took effect in New York in 2010, when filing for divorce, fault needed to be placed on one party. In instances where neither party was at fault, couples would have to sign a Legal Separation Agreement and wait at least a year, as opposed to blaming their spouse as the grounds to get divorced. Now, many couples look to Legal Separations for religious purposes or financial reasons. Some want to be legally separated but remain on the others health insurance coverage. Some just want to set the terms for an eventual divorce but are not yet ready to make the final commitment for emotional or other personal reasons. 

We The People can draft your separation agreement fast and for a low flat fee of $499. We also specialize in same-sex separation agreements.

The written agreement addresses financial responsibilities of each party, asset distribution, parental custody, visitation arrangements and child support (if there are children) and division of shared debts. When all these matters are agreed upon by both parties, the Legal Separation is said to be “uncontested.” Uncontested matters can be handled without an attorney, but getting experienced assistance may be helpful. We The People assist customers with preparing the legal separation paperwork and make the whole process less stressful.

In order to obtain a Legal Separation, both parties must sign the paperwork in front of a Notary Public, which is available at our We The People office. Our fee is $499 to prepare the Legal Separation paperwork and prepare the Legal Separation Agreement. The Legal Separation documentation does not need to be filed with the Court until an actual divorce proceeding is started. Also, if parties change their minds, the terms may be changed at a later time or the documents can be ignored and destroyed. 

The legal document preparation of the Legal Separation paperwork generally takes about 2-3 business days. Then, once all the paperwork for Legal Separation is signed by both parties as well as the Notary Public, the process is complete. 

Let We The People help assist you with your Legal Separation and provide assistance with the paperwork for legal separation. Our experienced staff is more than familiar with the process, as we have been dedicated to helping customers like you for almost 12 years! We prepare all legal documents to the standards and guidelines set out by the Courts, helping ensure our customer have the most efficient, easy and hassle-free experience.​

Call us or just come in to our conveniently located We The People of NY storefront office and let us provide you with honest, personal service you can trust. 

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