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The most common reasons to change your name: 

  • Simply dislike of given or last name
  • Simplify spelling
  • Divorce (NY allows the parties to resume the use of their maiden names without additional court proceedings)
  • Family Feuds or disgrace of family last name (ex. Madoff)
  • Desire to take natural father or stepfather’s name

You will not be permitted to change your name if you are doing so for any fraudulent purpose (ex. To avoid debts). Also, you may not change the name to something that would be obscene or racially offensive or if it would be intentionally confusing (ex. The number “8”, the symbol “!” or the initials “D.R.” if the applicant is a former doctor whose license had been revoked, as we have had in our office).

Once the name change process is completed, you will need to notify everyone of the name change: Social Security, Motor Vehicles, Passport Office, Post Office, IRS, NY State/City Department of Taxation, Voter Registration, Banks, Credit Card Companies, Insurance Companies, Retirement Plans, etc. 

We The People will make the process for your first or last name change easy and simple as we will walk you through the steps involved. Our fee for the legal document service for a Name Change is $249. (The court filing fee and the required newspaper publication fee are additional).

Call or just come in to our conveniently located We The People of NY storefront office and let us do the legal document preparation necessary for your name change. We provide personal service you can trust.

Phone:  (212) 633-2200  |  Address: 233 W. 14th St.  NY, NY 10011

(212) 633-2200

Personal Service You Can Trust​​

Name Change


Name Change Paperwork & Document Preparation

We The People of NY can provide you with legal document assistance if you have decided to change either your first or last name. We will prepare all the paperwork necessary and walk you through the process of legally changing your name.