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Unlike other business structures, not for profits can be tax exempt. However there are some specific items that must be completed to attain tax exempt status with the IRS as well as with the New York State Taxation division. 

Steps required to achieving Tax Exempt status for a Not For Profit:

  1. Select a unique company name that meets New York State requirements.
  2. Complete and file the articles of incorporation, and pay a small filing fee
  3. Submit federal and state tax exemption applications.
  4. Create corporate bylaws, which set out the operating rules for your nonprofit corporation.
  5. Appoint the initial directors.
  6. Conduct the first board of directors meeting

A legal documentation preparer can assist filling out all the necessary paperwork. Let the experts at We the People of NY help you achieve your not for profit status. 

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Not For Profit

$499 + filing fees

A not for profit or a 501(c3) is a type of corporation formed for purposes other than making a profit. Their involvement can range from charities, arts, healthcare and more. Commonly the new not for profit business will be formed by incorporating in the state in which they expect to conduct business.