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​A Power of Attorney is a written legal document that, when drafted and executed (signed) properly, gives another person (the agent) the authority to take certain financial actions on behalf of the person giving the authority. The agent must always act in the best interests of the principal and could be held responsible if they act improperly.

A Power of Attorney allows the authorized person to make bank transactions, pay bills (such as rent, medical bills, etc.) and is sometimes used to let the agent to formally sign off on the transfer of property after a sale is made.

As of 2021, New York State requires Powers of Attorney to be witnessed by 2 uninterested parties as well as a Notary. In addition to the notarization of the signer’s signature, the agent’s signature (accepting the Power) must also be notarized, but not necessarily at the same time.

Often, a Power of Attorney is made in conjunction with a Will and Health Care Proxy which are all part of what is known as estate planning.

We The People can prepare your Power of Attorney (as well as your Will and Health Care Proxy) in accordance with NY State guidelines and make the process fast, simple and affordable.