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Estate Planning

Estate Planning


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A Will provides for the distribution of a person’s money and property after death and appoints someone they trust to manage that.

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NYS Health Care Proxy

This document is intended for you to nominate someone to act on your behalf for health care decisions ONLY.

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NYS Durable Financial Power of Attorney

We prepare the standard New York State Statutory Short Form Power of Attorney based on the information you provide. A Power of Attorney allows you to nominate someone to act on your behalf for financial matters ONLY.

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Will Preparation Services

We The People, located in New York City, can help you prepare your last will and testament, power of attorney and health care proxy.


What is a Will?
A Will is a legal document giving explicit instructions on how to distribute all of your personal assets and property, as well as appointing a person you trust to manage your estate and naming beneficiaries for your possessions; detailing how and when they will receive it. Creating a Will is an important step to take if you have any valuable items you wish to distribute as gifts to friends, family members, charities, etc. after your death. This helps in avoiding the burden your family members would take on trying to allocate your belongings if you did not have one.

Preparing a Will When You Have Children
For those with children who are minor, wills are especially important to ensure the well-being of your child or children. A Will allows you to appoint a guardian, who will be the main care provider for your child, and a custodian, who will be responsible for managing your child’s inheritance. Without a Will, these decisions will be made by the Court, without your say. Wills, are subject to probate, which is a court directed process which monitors how your possessions and assets are distributed. The Probate Court is responsible for overseeing the distribution of your estate, as per your instructions.

If you should die without a Will, that is known as dying “intestate”. Each state has Intestate Succession Laws, which are used as ways to allocate your assets and possessions. Because you have not named any beneficiaries, it is up to the state to determine where your belongings will go according to state specific court mandates of the Intestate Succession Laws.

Changes can be made to Wills either by creating an entirely new Will or making changes to the existing Will, known as a Codicil. We The People has expertise in the legal document preparation of Simple Wills and Codicils.

We provide formal signing services, as necessary, such as a notary and two witnesses of the signing. We can provide legal document assistance for preparing your Simple Will to make the process as easy and stress-free as possible to make the process simple. We provide you with a questionnaire that asks you all the questions that need to be addressed in a Simple Will. From your information we prepare the legal documents.

Our price for a Simple Will is $249. Many people, when preparing a Simple Will, also look to prepare both a Health Care Proxy and Power of Attorney. A Health Care Proxy allows you to appoint someone you trust to make all medical and health care decisions for you, should you lose the ability to make these decisions for yourself. A Power of Attorney is a legal document appointing a trusted individual to act in financial matters on your behalf.

Our price for a Power of Attorney and Health Care Proxy is $99 each. We The People offers a package deal for all three services; Will, Power of Attorney and Health Care Proxy, for the low price of just $399.

Should You Download Forms for Wills from the Internet?
While simply downloading forms for Wills from the Internet may be tempting, it is not advisable and you should be very careful. Many sites claim that they are state specific and that they adhere to all state laws and mandates; however, we have seen many such “Internet Wills” that may not be valid or accepted by the Probate Court.

Many people avoid making a Will and dealing with the issues involved. We the People makes the process simple, affordable and easy. We The People provides honest, personal service you can trust. Come in today and let us assist you prepare your Simple Will.

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